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Sweet as honey.

Honey Harvest Another bucket list, tick off! Honey harvest on the perfect Autumnal day.  Blue skies, bright sunshine, mountain and coastal views and bees, thousands of happy bees. A dear friend bought me a very unique gift for my birthday in September, a day...

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Gazpacho time.

Summertime means Gazpacho time! Like many Spanish dishes and recipes, every cook has their own take on it, Gazpacho is no exception,.  Do they peel, chop first, do they add fruit, and which garnish? One thing though is for certain, use the freshest, seasonal...

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Thinking back.

Each end of May I think back to the day we left the U.K, with hopes and dreams of a new life in Spain. That became reality, we're still here, living large, embracing all eventualities and challenges that we come across.  Not always plain sailing, whose...

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Pre-drinks !

No, I'm not suggesting pre-loading, pre-drinks fashionable of late with the uni fraternities 😉 Just a Cava or two in the sunshine with friends before Sunday lunch. Obviously, it's good to add a nibble or two, something savoury and salty gets the taste buds going. As...

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March Madness.

March Madness. The cold weather continued and finally, the promised rain that we'd all been longing for, for months arrived, arrived and didn't stop! The land, reservoirs and, rivers were dry, our water supplies were threatened to be non-existant for the future.  This...

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Long Table Dining.

During the winter months, we have been researching, learning and creating new menus and cuisines to offer a selection of unique dining experiences to look forward to at La Rosilla.   Supperclubs are where our 'Foodie' adventure started on the mountain, and we're going...

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Walking to El Saltillo.

Nestled in the Sierra Tejada in the Axarquia is the white-washed village of Canillas de Aceituno, at 645m altitude the village itself has far reaching views to coast and inland.  Eager to explore new routes to add to my walking memories, we parked in the village...

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