It’s a SOUP er kind of day!

Soup the humble, comforting bowl of soulful food we all need right now.  

Economical, frugal, fridge raiding and a few spare minutes can reward you with delicious, healthy and warming goodness.

For many of us, 2021 didn’t quite spring into action like we’d all prayed and hoped and 2020 wasn’t put to bed forever.  There wasn’t a dreamt for sprinkling of fairy dust and we didn’t awaken from a bad dream.  

Within the first week, we have witnessed crazy weather phenomenons, political unrests and soaring pandemic numbers.  Lockdowns in many countries being ramped up, and as I type ours in Spain, awaiting new rules.

Beam me up Scotty!

20/21 has and will cripple my business, I like so many others are treading water, hanging on by a thread.  Not only financially but mentally and emotionally too. It’s a challenge for me to get creative and my confidence has taken a knock.

Enough is enough !

So I have decided, I will spend the next few months, in damage limitation, investing in me and my health and body, and come out ready to fight all guns blazing, when once again…..

Mi Casa es tu Casa.


So SOUP it is and recipes here they come.

Fresh mint

Soup for the soul

The two recipes that follow use fridge and storecupboard ingredients.  With soup, you can chop and change, vegetables, herbs, spices and toppings in a myriad of ways.  Make a large pot, enjoy the leftovers or freeze it.

Low calorie and nutritious what’s not to love as many of us start a quest of January resolutions.

Served with home-made bread, can’t make bread ? I can help you there 😉 

Bread-Baking Experience.

Fresh peas
Crusty bread and pea soup
La Rosilla Pea and mint soup

I hope you get the chance to try the soup recipes or get creative and make your own, please share if you do. 

Typing away in the afternoon winter sun has been a tonic, I now need to stoke the home fires for a cosy night in at La Rosilla.

Buen Provecho y Hasta Luego Amig@s

Moroccan carrot and orange soup.
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