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Enjoying and exploring Andalucian cuisine is a fundamental part of any holiday in this beautiful part of the world, but within Andalucia itself, the dishes prepared are as diverse as the scenery.  From the freshest fish on the coast to hearty rustic dishes of the inland countryside, with homemade recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Traditional, homemade dishes, using home-grown and cured ingredients are one of the delights of Inland Axarquia.  This area to the east of Malaga city stretches along the coastline and high up into the mountains. 

Delicious delights of rich Embutidos (Cured Meats), honey, goats cheeses and meat, olive oil, almonds & dried fruits to name a few.

Grapevines lay over the dry rocky soil, with Moscatel grapes being pressed to make the local sweet & dry Malaga wines. Enjoyed cold and crisp with a slice of aged, cured cheese or meltingly soft Jamon or a ‘copa of warm and sweet, with a slice of almond and orange tart.

Gourmet food festivals are hosted in the rural villages throughout the year, showcasing each ‘pueblos‘ specialty. We celebrate, cherries from Alfarnate, chorizos and salchichas from Colmenar, snails in Rio-Gordo, porra in Antequera, ajoblanco in Cutar, Raisins in Comares the list goes on.

Agriculture and farming are alive and well, olive and almond harvests are still done with traditional methods and families working together to look after their crops.  Tropical fruits of avocados, mangoes, and watermelons along with the Mediterranean vegetables are grown year round in the lower valleys, making use of river waters and shady outlooks.

almonds, lemons, vino.

Let me be your Gourmet Guide

Come visit us at La Rosilla, in the Montes de Malaga.

Let me be your guide in this natural traditional, breathtaking area.

Indulge your ‘Foodie’ senses, in every way. Allow me to show you some delicious local dishes,

let’s prepare together, and eat together.

Cooking In the Montes de Malaga.

Imagine, taking in the views to die for, olive and and almond groves.  Peace and quiet just interuppeted by goats bells and buzzing bees.   Scents of blossom on the breeze.

Freshly picked ingredients, or collected from the market.  Seasonal and vibrant, ready to be preapred into the most delicious traditional dishes.

The good life.

Cooking courses and gourmet tours at La Rosilla, can be tailor made to suit all tastes and requirements.

We focus on flavour, fun and friendship and new experiences.

Unforgettable memory moments are guaranteed . You’ll experience a unique lifestyle in an idylic rural setting.


  • ‘Hands on’ cooking experience.
  • Create delicious recipes.
  • Learn new techniques and old traditions.
  • Tapas and sherry tastings.
  • Long leisurely lunch.
  • Alfresco dining.
  • Recipes to take home.
  • New friends made.

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