New Year Blossom !

 Let’s go 2022

The first glimpse of almond blossom gives hope for the New Year it’s always a welcome sight. Together with the winter shining sun and the bright blue skies. I’m sure we are all embarking on 2022 with a yearning for change. After two years of uncertainity, heartbreak, illness and challenges for most, we are ready for brighter times full of promise and blossom.


Almond Blossom in January at La Rosilla.

Fresh start

As the year begins, everywhere we look, read and watch we are reminded, encouraged, sometimes presurised to think ‘New Year, New Me’.   In Northern lands, where it is dark, cold and wet this can seem daunting and somewhat unrealisic.  Many people want to hibernate, and come out when Spring has sprung.  Luckily on the mountain, tempertures maybe be fresher, but that shining sun, citrus falling off the trees and honey blossom, for me it does feel like a new beginning.

We will use this quieter time for our business La Rosilla, to enjoy the great outdoors, explore new hiking routes and picnic places and menus.  This then will enable us to offer new adventures for guests to enjoy as part of our Walking Holidays. Something new is our Gourmet Hiking Day, where we ‘Walk up an appetite’.  Almond blossom walks through the mountains are just breathtaking and soon cherry blossom too, will perfume the air of local villages.

man in black backpack during golden hour

There’s work to be done.

Although I’d like to be out putting my best foot forward at every opportunity or baking and creating, we have the huge task of harvesting our olives.  Many of our neighbours have been picking for weeks. We’ve been praying for more rain to make ours plumper or maybe procrastinating.  I must remember there’s no gain without pain ;).  So a few long days ahead, but then our own, organic liquid gold.  


La Rosilla stained glass logo.

Gracias, Merci, Obrigado

As we look back on the year like a rollercoaster ride, learning and adapting to deal what was thrown at us. We are so grateful and humbled to all our guests. Intreprid travellers, who despite the hoops they had to jump through, took time to visit us, off the beaten track at La Rosilla.

Thank-you everyone for the wonderful reviews we’ve received, makes everything worthwhile.


Blossom 2022, we’re ready!


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