That will never happen here, well it just DID ! 


As the world spirals into a health crisis pandemic. Spain took the harsh, difficult, but important decision for the good of the country and world, to put us in enforced LOCKDOWN. 


As we get to grips with these trying and damaging times for peoples health and livelihoods, we will try and stay positive and use the time wisely.  We will continue to share the Foodie love from our Lockdown table.  Creating menus and foodie inspiration. Foraging from our fridge and larder, and as the days go on recipes will get more frugal.  


Our spice drawer is full and we have fresh herbs growing. I’ve bought flour and yeast (not loo roll). My sherry and wine stores are healthy, if I ration *note to self Remember Ration ;). I may need a carrier pigeon to send me a hair dye as my roots are growing rapidly and I may look like I’ve aged 20 years by the end of it.


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We do hope that you will continue to support us, share you delicious food photos, ask for recipes or ideas if you need, and wherever you are in the world, fortunately social media can keep us together and TOGETHER we can get through it. 

Stay safe and well, wash you hands and if you run out of loo roll, your bottie too.



Much love from all the familia at La Rosilla, can’t wait for the giant COMING OUT the other side party we’re all going to have.

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