Learning and creating.

Making the most of my time.

I think none of us ever imagined we would still be in a state of lockdown and restrictions 9 months from the start of the Covid Pandemic.   With families devastatingly, losing loved ones and others being separated for months on end.  Travel stopped for the masses and only for essential needs.  

What a year !

Many, many businesses small and large have fallen fate to the virus’s destruction. Many like us at La Rosilla are hanging on by the skin of our teeth. 

We are reliant on tourists,  who are eager to be intrepid and explore off-the-beaten track places.  We are reliant on families, friends wishing to come together, celebrate and have events and parties.


So in order for me to feel less helpless and to try and keep motivated, I have been working behind the scenes. Learning and creating and planning for the day we can don our aprons once more, and pour glasses of sherry for our guests.

Cherry Gazpachos

Back to school. 


So many people, jumped on the baking bread band wagon which is fabulous. Taking the simplest of ingredients and creating a home-baked loaf is a skill to treasure, that’s of course if they could locate and purchase the ingredients, we went to great lengths to secure flour and yeast.


 Learning and creating.


For those yet not confident to go it alone, we have planned a wonderful bread baking experience at La Rosilla. On this delicious day you will create 3 different breads from around the world, enjoy a lovely lunch and take your masterpieces home. 


Some years ago I went down the Sourdough, rabbit hole. I must confess with not much success. I was working away at the time, so I was reliant on familia to feed ‘Fred the bread” my sourdough starter. Time passed and I fell out of love with it, sorry Fred.


Now I have ‘Pedro Pan’  and he is happily bubbling away after each feed and sleeps contentedly until I need him.  With trial and error with the Sourdough process, I can now finally say ‘By jove I’ve got it’.

 Each bake is truly fascinating, waiting for the lift of my tagine lid to see if I’ve managed to create the perfect crust and crumb.  Sourdough toast is the best 😉 I think my social media followers must be thinking ; Oh no, not another bread post, but sorry not sorry.  Flour and water a little salt and that’s it, no more hunting for fresh or dried yeast in times of restrictions.






Back to basics.

Sweet treats

I’m a savoury kinda gal, a plate of cheese after supper, perfect.  Growing up you would always hear after ‘tea’ “what’s for pudding Mum?” Midweek might be Jelly and evap 😉 but after Sunday lunch always a pie or crumble or steamed pudding and on a special occasion a Vienetta.

Obviously I do make desserts, cakes and bakes, but I wanted to refresh my skills, make things from scratch, layer flavours, learn new techniques, indulge in time-taking recipes, so I have enrolled on a Patisserie course. I am loving it, my waistband isn’t. All of these new skills will be invaluable to my catering and events for the future.

Stay safe from La Rosilla.



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