La Rosilla Catering

Harmony of the good life, nature and food.

La Rosilla

Set in the heart of the Montes de Malaga, Andalucia.

A discovery of lifestyle & food.

It all started when we began welcoming intrepid ‘Foodies’ to our Supperclub.  Events that would allow visitors to attend, unique and delicious evenings, sat under the grapevine, on our terrace, on warm Andalucian summer evenings.  Traditional dishes are served with love and flair, wine is poured and sipped and conversation always flows.

Now at La Rosilla we offer Cooking and Culture Classes, Gourmet Tours and Event Catering in our area of the Axarquia, Andalucia.  Guests and visitors travel from all over the world to experience a taste of our rural lifestyle and a celebration of Andalucian produce. They soak up the atmosphere, breath in the fresh air, enjoy a place at our table and leave as friends.

Hola !

My name is Lynsey and I am a passionate cook, I love to entertain, create and showcase all that this area has to offer, through lifestyle and food, cooking and culture.

Leaving behind a corporate world of Travel and Event Management, I relocated to the breath-taking Montes de Malaga in Andalucia, to a tiny hamlet called ‘Solano‘ meaning East Wind, 12 years ago.  In search of a new challenge and adventure that would fuel my passion for food, wine and culture ‘ The good life’ and to live the dream.  Upping sticks, with my husband and three children and our dog ‘Spencer’.

Our rustic traditional ‘Finca’ La Rosilla, sits on its own mountainside with views to die for, amongst our almond and olive groves, and benefits by being hidden in a dell which affords its own micro climate.    The climate and location allow us to enjoy local and home-grown produce all year round, team this with local delicacies from Andalucia and we’re in foodie heaven.

The pace of life feels like a bygone era.  Ancient traditions in farming and agriculture are still going strong.  Peace and tranquillity guaranteed.

Come visit us at La Rosilla
  • Step off the beaten track and experience the wonder of the mountains of Andalucia.
  • Soak up the good life and sample a taste of rural mountain living.
  • Learn, create, cook and feast on new recipes and flavours.
  • learn traditional dishes and customs from by- gone eras.
  • Share memory moments with family and friends.

Join us for a day of Cooking and Culture or and afternoon Paella Class.

Pour & Pair, Sherry Week Blog !

It is with great delight that I have been chosen out of many bloggers, to create a 'Pour and pair' recipe and hopefully a winning dish for the competition, to celebrate this years #Sherryweek 2017. I have been given a wonderful bottle of Cruz Vieja, Palo Cortado en...

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Go Bananas!

Banana & Sultana Bread. We always have bananas that have gone over, but for this recipe that is perfect, all is not lost.  In fact now I keep all my over ripe bananas in the freezer, here I can just grab one out, to make into the quickest natural ice-cream, just...

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Muchos mangos !

Muchos mangos !

Mango chutney ! The Axarquia in Andalucia where La Rosilla is situated has become over the last few years the perfect location in the lowlands along the rivers to grow Mangos. The subtropical climate in the area is ideal for these luscious fruits.  They hang from the...

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Autumn Chutney.

Autumn Chutney.

With the abundance of fruit and vegetables that are available in the Autumn, it is a joy to preserve them for winter days.  Chutney recipes are a perfect way to create comforting, spicy and delicious accompaniments to many dishes.  Cold meats, cheese, roast meats and...

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Lettuce and peas ! A comforting recipe

Lettuce is not just for salads 😉 This comforting recipe is a perfect side dish to any roast meats or fish, adding a fresher and lighter option.  Braising lettuce and peas in a light stock brings out wonderful flavours of these delicate ingredients. Braised lettuce...

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Brunch recipe, bursting with sunshine !

The following recipe uses only locally grown ingredients and creates a delicious, vibrant and refreshing breakfast, brunch or in fact any time of day dish. We are so fortunate where we live at La Rosilla, in the Axarquia of Andalucia, each season brings an abundance...

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Summertime !

Happiness is Alfresco dining !   Long warm summer nights, lazy lunches under shading vines, picnics by the sea, friends, and family gathered near, it's my favourite time of year. Holidaymakers, intrepid travelers, 'Hens' reveling, renewing of vows, wedding...

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From adversity ..

Very often out of adversity that's when the best work comes. Some weeks back, I was plunged into IT chaos, when I realised my website had been hacked.  After sending a link to someone who had requested a catering quotation, only to see flash up in front of me the...

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