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Address: La Rosilla, Solano 20, Colmenar, Malaga 29170

Phone: + 34 659 734 401



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End of a decade.

How did that happen, whoosh and the teens be gone, hello roaring Twenties . Two Drakies have flown the nest, graduated, Passed out, now striving and ambitiously setting out at the start of their careers. Baby Drakie (aka Bright Shining One.) now studying hard and down off the mountain in the city of Malaga. Subjects […]

“A Great Find”

This cooking class was a highlight of our trip to Malaga and the Costa del Sol”

Nora – NYC

“More than just a cooking class”

The experience of all experiences at @larosilla! Lynsey, the paella extraordinaire, taught us to make an authentic paella at her fairytale home in Spain’s breathtakingly beautiful countryside”


“Another successful experience”

From the minute we met Lynsey it was like we had been friends forever. We received such a warm welcome to her beautiful casa in the Montes de Malaga, where we spent a fantastic afternoon learning how to make her delicious paella”


“Marvelous private dining”

We have used La Rosilla previously but the standards remain very high indeed and so it is worth reiterating the recommendation. Food was of an extremely high standard, delivered exactly as promised”

Richard UK

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