And Breathe ..

The end of January seems to take an age to arrive. Not that we should be wishing our lives away, and yes we should be seizing the day, but warmer and longer days are welcome soon.  Taking time out to pat yourself on the back, relax and breathe makes it a little more bearable.


Taking this into account a trip to our wonderful city of Málaga was on the agenda.  To brunch, wander and indulge in a Hamman.

The Hamman Andalus in Malaga is a fully restored ancient Arab baths, combining, mystique, luxury and ritual bathing and massage.  The restorative oasis of calm in this cosmopolitan city is like a hug for the soul.  From the moment you enter you are transported spiritually and enveloped in tranquillity.

Hamman Andalus Malaga

Sumptuous changing rooms, lead to baths of varying temperatures. Marble hot stones and steam rooms await, candlelit and perfumed with essential oils.

Massages are given under the dome of stars with oils to suit your mood or need.  Mint tea can be sipped whilst you take a moment for reflection.

I recommend this for a ‘Must do’ in Málaga to experience all that the city has to offer, a perfect antidote to walking, shopping and eating to excess.

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Experience Málaga and it’s Mountains with us.




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