Pantastic Summer!

Mi casa es tu casa


What a pantastic summer we’ve had, I’ve lost count how many kilos of rice we’ve bought, how arroces, paellas we’ve made, and pans we’ve scrubbed.  PANTASTIC, we’re  truly grateful for the visitors to La Rosilla from all corners of the globe.

Cooking, eating, drinking, laughing and making memories all togther.

We are most thankful and amazed that we are able to share a little of our mountainlife, back of beyond, 2nd on the left 😉 local flavours, delicacies and traditions with intrepid travellers willing to step off the beaten track.

Build bigger tables not walls..

To dine with family and friends, to share a meal simple or elaborate is one of lifes pleasures to treasure.  The dining table at La Rosilla be it  under the grapevine or in a country kitchen is a place for Sharing traditions and sobremesa.  Learning from others cultural differences is a joy, take a look of some of our happy guests who always leave La Rosilla in a food coma 😉


Come and vist, we’re waiting ..


New seasons.

The heat of the summer has stayed long into Autumn, which has enabled alfresco dining and cooking to continue, which is what we love so much and why we live here.  Overnight we heard showers of rain, which is a sigh of relief for our parched mountain and our olives waiting to get plump, there’s a change in the air and we will embrace it.

Autumn will bring comforting slow cooked dishes, root vegetables and squashes, warming spices, pommegranates will dress dishes like jewels.

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