2019 certainly got off to a flying start for us at La Rosilla, we are joyous that we are now catering and doing cooking experiences in all seasons.

The winter has been very kind to us, with days of glorious sunshine, enabling all our visitors to cook and eat alfresco, albeit sometimes wrapped in a blanket.

Spring is now in full bloom and our first rains were welcomed by a parched mountainside. Wildflowers are blossoming, new leaf buds on our figs, vine and Trees of heavens are a pleasure to see.

Almonds ripen and grow in their furry jackets and citrus fruits still hang from the tree.

Guests to La Rosilla have visited from all corners of the globe, and every day I think how blessed we are to share a little of our lifestyle, recipes and tastes of rural Andalucia with so many. Our intrepid visitors who are willing to make the journey off the beaten track to come and experience rural Spain and soak up the atmosphere and views to die for.



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