Keeping abreast of innovations and all things new in the local culinary world and re-affirming traditional tastes and ingredients, is very important for La Rosilla, we may be up a mountain, 2nd on the right back of beyond, but we are fanatical foodies, ever willing to learn and share our experiences.

This week, I was invited to attend the trade fair in Malaga of H & T Salón de Innovación en Hostelería. The exhibition showcased, Vineyards, suppliers, niche products, machinery and, innovations.  Top Michelin starred chefs, gave workshops and demonstrations, from the sublime to the crazy.  Artists of the plate and glass, their minds are genius.

Wild Mushrooms Seasonal Produce

Wined and dined, and suitably inspired, a day well spent celebrating a life of gourmet treasures,  Snail Caviar though, I’m not convinced 😉 maybe that’s one step too far, but to be fair, quoting my Mama, ‘don’t pass comment until you’ve tried’  perhaps we didn’t look serious enough, or perhaps even too pickled to the producer ,as a sample wasn’t offered !

I thank my partner in food for the day Hanni Martini, for her excellent company and enthusiasm like mine to all things Malaga.



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