Christmas is coming!

Time to eat, drink & be merry.

Hot cinnamon buns fresh from the oven, ready for Christmas morning. Basil and tomato bread tempting me, but no I’ll save for the family when they arrive tomorrow, to go with a bowl of steaming soup.

I think I’m organised.  The halls are decked, the door adorned with foraged foliage wreath from the mountains. Mistletoe is hanging above the door, ready for Christmas kisses.

Our annual family Christmas tradition of a new tree decoration for each family member is complete. Our tree gets Kitscher each year, big and bright and chaotic.  I LOVE IT 😉

Christmas Feasts!

The jamón has had his festive pedicure ( It’s all about the rituals here) sharp knife always on hand for a cheeky slice as we all pass.  Mince pies made with the crumbliest pastry and richest mincemeat. Brandy butter or a dollop of cream just to add to the indulgence.


Ho, Ho, Hosting…

We’re hosting the Christmas lunch this year, with daughter and parents arriving from the U.K and friends who live locally.  No presents just presence is needed.  Together we share, each bringing courses and a kitty for the booze.  The wine rack is full, Cava Royal for aperitif and a Bloody Mary or two, Gin with every Botanical brew.  Port for the cheese and PX for the pud.  A fully laddened table that we will all give thanks for, play games at and make more memory moments.


Christmas Cheers !

We will toast absent family and I’m sure I’ll shed a tear or two as it’ll be our first year with or Son away on duty.  Toasts and a raised glass to say cheers to all our guests and clients of La Rosilla who have made our year one of the best yet.  La Rosilla will celebrate hitting 50 fabulous reviews on Tripadvisor and hope for 50 more.

Buen Provecho tod@s!

Feliz Navidad and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, may your table be full and your hearts too.

Delicious Ideas

Haven’t made your Christmas Cake yet?  Do not worry this family heirloom recipe is perfect, moist and delicious and can be eaten straight away, even delicious enjoyed with lashing of butter or strong cheese.

Sssshhh it’s secret though 😉

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