We drive through and passed Velez-Malaga a few times a week. Driving on our way to the coast, for the beach in Summer and for food shopping throughout the year.  Each time we venture into the town, I think I must explore more.  We have visited for over-night treats and tapas.  Celebrations to see the Cruces de Mayo, and the art gallery, but have never delved deeper into the historical and cultural charm of this Andalucian town.

I have read over the last few years, that great investments have been made to renovate and rejuvenate the historical and public areas of Velez-Malaga.  We decided now was the time to go and explore some more.

We joined the guided tour offered by PLAN A, a small local business run expertly, professionally and passionately by Elena & Anna.  PLAN A offer this tour regularly to tourists and locals alike, anyone in fact who has an interest in history, culture and Spanish lifestyle throughout the ages.


Our tour of Velez-Malaga started at the beautiful Jardines del Cerro. These landscaped gardens high above the town, have views to the castle, monuments, churches and sea beyond.

Hidden gems, local secrets and fascinating tales were shared by Elena our guide. Walking the local streets of Velez-Malaga and winded away through the labyrinth of the town.

Religious history, famous and renowned characters of Cervantes and Maria Zambrano along with local traditions, made for a thoroughly interesting morning.

It was a hot, hot day and food and drink is never far from the mind of La Rosilla. We were rewarded at the end of this delightful tour of Velez-Malaga. A cool ‘Tinto Verano’, olives and local delicacy of Ajobacalao (now on the menu of our Cooking and Culture day), and tapa of mushrooms, garlic and Pata negra.


So if you’re local and you haven’t explored the delights of Velez-Malaga, take 3 hours out of your day and do that something a little different.  If you’re on holiday in the area, this tour will give you a fascinating insight into a thriving Spanish traditional town, it’s history and flourishing future.


See Velez-Malaga with PLAN A


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