March Madness.

The cold weather continued and finally, the promised rain that we’d all been longing for, for months arrived, arrived and didn’t stop!

The land, reservoirs and, rivers were dry, our water supplies were threatened to be non-existant for the future.  This welcome rain has restored a good percentage of the reserves. Plant crops have started to flourish once more.  Along with the benefits, there are sadly a few negatives, land-slides, road breakages and, DAMP & MUD!

La Rosilla, situated halfway down the mountain, has a natural path for the rain waters to flow. When the rain is at full pelt, sometimes we feel as if we could be washed away.  Our traditional Spanish Finca is build to keep cool in the hot dry, months of the summer, so without windows flung open, and no air flowing through it can be a little moist 😉

Over previous years, our Cooking days and Catering have been mainly in the high Season, but this year it has been a delight to welcome groups, families and friends from all over the world. Great to experience a “Day in the life at La Rosilla‘ in the winter.  Each day we dodged the rain showers, even managed to eat Al Fresco on most occasions, but when the weather was against us we were cosy with candles and firelit inside.

March Mayhem

Alongwith the crazy weather, we added to our mayhem by welcoming our newest additions to the menagerie.  Bienvenido ‘Honey & Rossi’ our foster pups for charity

Give a dog a home  – Malaga

We are caring for them until they are mature enough to travel to their forever homes.  Two bundles of fluff, causing chaos in their wake.

These poor pups along with 2 other siblings were dumped just a few days old.  They were found and taken to the local pound.  The wonderful charity helped get them released and found forever homes for them to go to in Germany, in the meantime we will give them a good head start with life on the mountain.

If you think you could foster for a short time, or would like to donate to the charity please click on their page above.



Semana Santa

Easter is upon us and Spain, takes the celebrations and occasion very seriously.  This religious time it’s traditions, ceremonies, procession and services are a sight to behold.  The oppulence and passion are breathtaking.  Thousands of people, a mass in villages, towns and cities, and pay their respects, penitence and gratitude, to their Brotherhoods, churches and God.  Families of all generations gather together for these momentous days of ‘Semana Santa’.  Religious or not, one can’t help but be captivated by the traditions.

A must see for any visitor at this time of year.  Our friends at Guide to Malaga, have lots of insider tips and advice for anybody visiting the city too.

Semana Santa photo credit to Marianne my friend of the wonderful East of Malaga, who captures the essence of the occasion perfectly.

Hot Cross Buns

One of our ‘Foodie’ traditions that I make every year today ‘Good Friday’ ‘Viernes Santo” is delicious Hot Cross Buns, today is no exception, and they sit warm from the oven awaiting the family to arrive, filling the room with comforting aromas of sweetness and cinnamon. You can find my recipe here, from years past, but never fails.

From all of us at

La Rosilla,

we wish you all a

Happy Easter

and a blossoming springtime.

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