Ready for change? Oh yes!  Autumn has arrived in Andalucia, and after a long, hot, indulgent summer, we welcome the season change with open arms.

New seasons always feel like an opportunity for new beginnings, rituals and regimes at La Rosilla.  Autumn brings on cooler days and clear skies, much needed rain somedays, an abundance of fruits and the land turning green once more.  We can become more productive on the land, without the scorching heat, pruning, weeding and logging.

October has been a bumper month for catering events, cheffing and cooking classes at La Rosilla, we have welcomed guests from all over the world, and fed many guests at parties and celebrations.  We also gave our largest cooking class to date, on location in the deepest depths of Andalucian at an old Water Mill.  The bride and groom had arranged a ‘Tapas’ class for their guest’s entertainment, novel and fun and guests got to cook their own supper – Win, Win !


Pumpkins and squashes are coming into their own, comforting recipes, soups, casseroles and slow-cooked dishes are on the horizon, but here is a delicious recipe for a take on the ‘TORTILLA’  perfect for a leisurely lunch or kept in the fridge for a wedge when wanted.



Butternut Squash Tortilla.

2 tbsp Olive Oil

1 Onion diced.

1/2 small butternut squash chopped into dice.

1 courgette chopped.

1 clove garlic finely chopped.

Sage leaves.

5 eggs, whisked.

Fry the onion, butternut squash and courgette together until softened.

Add the sage leaves and fry for another minute.

Take off the heat, then add in a bowl to the whisked eggs.  Season with S & P.

Add some extra oil to a non-stick frying pan, add the egg and squash mixture, over a low leat let the mixture start to cook through, after 10 mins, carefully flip over, using a plate.

Cook the underside for 5-10 mins until the tortilla feels firm, tuck the edges in to make the sides rounded.

Enjoy warm or cool, with salad for a lunch, or just cut a slice for a snack.

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