With the abundance of fruit and vegetables that are available in the Autumn, it is a joy to preserve them for winter days.  Chutney recipes are a perfect way to create comforting, spicy and delicious accompaniments to many dishes.  Cold meats, cheese, roast meats and curries all enjoy a piquant kick from a rich, chutney.

Lately, I have been very lucky to be given, bounties of seasonal produce, little apples, huge mangoes, hot spicy chilies & limes.

So when I had a recent Saturday that plans went kaput and I was feeling decidedly sorry for myself, I set myself up, apron and music on.  Big pan ready, spices picked and knives ready to chop.

It was time to get creative at La Rosilla.

As with most recipes, you can tweak them to what’s in your store and spice cupboard, as long as there is a sour (vinegar) and sweet (sugar) you can play around to suit.  Bring them to the boil, and then simmer and reduce to oozy and syrupy.

It’s very important to sterilise your jars, I do this in two ways, either on a hot wash in the dishwasher or left in a hot oven for 10 minutes.   be careful when pouring the hot liquids – they’re are HOT!



As with most chutneys and preserves, they will keep in a cool dark cupboard for many months, often getting better by the day.  Perfect to make for Christmas gifts or part of a hamper.

I often feature my methods and recipes on my Instagram feed @larosilla , so come take a look and hook up.

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