La Rosilla.

Live Paella show cooking

Paella Parties

There  is nothing more comforting, hospitable & delicious than a Paella Party.

A giant paella pan of simmering goodness, cooked outside for all to see.

La Rosilla Catering can offer you Paellas of all sizes for your event from 6 to 100 guests.

With many variations & flavours to suit all tastes and seasons.

Cooking paella takes up the minimum of space, and our portable rings can be placed anywhere to suit, even indoors if the weather turns against us.

All of our dishes come with home-baked bread, for mopping up the delicious juices, and a choice of salads.

Paella options.

  •  MariscosSeafood paella, Prawns, mussels, clams, squid & white fish with creamy saffron rice.
  •  CarneA rich dish, full of chicken, pork & chorizo, a hearty & filling paella.
  • La Huerta- A vegetarian paella, full of seasonal Mediterranean vegetables, vibrant in colour & taste.
  • Arroz CampesinoCountry rice, with rabbit, wild mushrooms & asparagus,  a traditional dish from Inland Andalucia.
  • Arroz La Rosilla -A combination of all, meat, seafood & vegetables.

Prices vary, dependant on the number of guests and choice of dish.

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