La Rosilla Catering

Harmony of the good life, nature and food.

La Rosilla

Set in the heart of the Montes de Malaga, Andalucia.

A discovery of lifestyle & food.

It all started when we began welcoming intrepid ‘Foodies’ to our Supperclub.  Events that would allow visitors to attend, unique and delicious evenings, sat under the grapevine, on our terrace, on warm Andalucian summer evenings.  Traditional dishes are served with love and flair, wine is poured and sipped and conversation always flows.

Now at La Rosilla we offer Cooking and Culture Classes, Gourmet Tours and Event Catering in our area of the Axarquia, Andalucia.  Guests and visitors travel from all over the world to experience a taste of our rural lifestyle and a celebration of Andalucian produce. They soak up the atmosphere, breath in the fresh air, enjoy a place at our table and leave as friends.

Hola !

My name is Lynsey and I am a passionate cook, I love to entertain, create and showcase all that this area has to offer, through lifestyle and food, cooking and culture.

Leaving behind a corporate world of Travel and Event Management, I relocated to the breath-taking Montes de Malaga in Andalucia, to a tiny hamlet called ‘Solano‘ meaning East Wind, 12 years ago.  In search of a new challenge and adventure that would fuel my passion for food, wine and culture ‘ The good life’ and to live the dream.  Upping sticks, with my husband and three children and our dog ‘Spencer’.

Our rustic traditional ‘Finca’ La Rosilla, sits on its own mountainside with views to die for, amongst our almond and olive groves, and benefits by being hidden in a dell which affords its own micro climate.    The climate and location allow us to enjoy local and home-grown produce all year round, team this with local delicacies from Andalucia and we’re in foodie heaven.

The pace of life feels like a bygone era.  Ancient traditions in farming and agriculture are still going strong.  Peace and tranquillity guaranteed.

Come visit us at La Rosilla
  • Step off the beaten track and experience the wonder of the mountains of Andalucia.
  • Soak up the good life and sample a taste of rural mountain living.
  • Learn, create, cook and feast on new recipes and flavours.
  • learn traditional dishes and customs from by- gone eras.
  • Share memory moments with family and friends.

Join us for a day of Cooking and Culture or and afternoon Paella Class.

March Madness.

March Madness.

March Madness. The cold weather continued and finally, the promised rain that we'd all been longing for, for months arrived, arrived and didn't stop! The land, reservoirs and, rivers were dry, our water supplies were threatened to be non-existant for the future.  This...

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Long Table Dining.

Long Table Dining.

During the winter months, we have been researching, learning and creating new menus and cuisines to offer a selection of unique dining experiences to look forward to at La Rosilla.   Supperclubs are where our 'Foodie' adventure started on the mountain, and we're going...

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Walking to El Saltillo.

Walking to El Saltillo.

Nestled in the Sierra Tejada in the Axarquia is the white-washed village of Canillas de Aceituno, at 645m altitude the village itself has far reaching views to coast and inland.  Eager to explore new routes to add to my walking memories, we parked in the village...

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